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Marketing Department

Getting the word out about an initiative is not an easy task but with the creative and unique approach of the Marketing department of FIC Aryabhatta, we are able to reach a wide audience. The members are encouraged to think out of the box techniques and strategies to find the best audience for our initiatives. 


Headed by Madhumita Kumari

She is one of the most positive and hard-working people that you’ll ever come across. Her professionalism is reflected in the numerous hours she is willing to put in to ensure that things are carried out smoothly. Her attitude and outlook towards life are admirable. Her focussed and dedicated approach towards accomplishing her visions make her a key member of our team. She is never afraid of taking an unconventional approach and the same is reflected in her bold and confident personality.


We at Marketing Department

Working hard to make our work count and make a real impact, the Marketing department is home to those who don’t shy away from going the extra mile. Onboarding some of the most renowned personalities, the marketing team has a knack for doing the extraordinary.

We are responsible for designing strategies to spread word about  FIC and it's event to maximum extent. Trying to reach the vast and dynamic audience, it is never a dull day at the marketing department.

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